Rooms with a View
Aga Khan Hospital, Dar es Salaam

A garden hospital by the sea.

Part of a multi-phase master plan to redevelop this 74-bed secondary hospital, the Phase 2 Expansion fundamentally transforms the hospital into a coherent and human-centric campus for healing. The new building is distinguished by its veranda concourse, which provides an exterior connection to the existing Phase 1 building and serves as the primary circulation armature of the hospital. Its upper levels veiled with custom ceramic block brise-soleil to provide patient privacy and filter the tropical sun, the concourse merges with the Phase 2 building and extends vertically to form a series of open-air lobbies for each floor. The resulting composition articulates a liminal zone of the campus, between the expansive beachfront and a more intimate garden experience at the center of the hospital complex.

Aga Khan Hospital Phase 2 Expansion

Client: Aga Khan Health Services

Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Site Area: 1.58 ha (3.9 acres)

Building Area: 14,050 m2 (151,200 SF)

Completed: 2018
with Payette, in collaboration with Architectural Pioneering Consultants

View of Phase 2 and Phase 1 buildings from beachfront
View of veranda concourse and Phase 2 lift lobbies, from Phase 1 building
Ocean view from balconies on Phase 2 building and decorative screen dividers

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Aerial photograph and location plan
Site plan
Landscape plan
Stacking diagram showing program organization before Phase 2
Stacking diagram showing program organization after Phase 2
Ground floor plan
First floor plan
Second floor plan
Third floor plan
Fourth floor plan
Fifth floor plan

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Straight-on view of Phase 2 from the beachfront

The Phase 2 Expansion is a key step toward achieving the master plan’s goal of developing a 350-bed, tertiary-level teaching hospital. It consolidates nearly all inpatient facilities into the new Phase 2 building and the interconnected Phase 1 building, which underwent substantial renovations. The hospital’s capacity was more than doubled at 172 beds. Lower-intensity functions and outpatient services such as clinics, day surgery, and endoscopy, were relocated to the Old Hospital, the original building on site dating back to 1964. Completing the expansion is a new drop-off and entry courtyard between Phase 2 and the Old Hospital, providing a new front door for patients and visitors.

Programs: Radiology, Maternity, Labor and Delivery, Pediatrics, Emergency Department, Clinical Laboratory, Surgery, Cardiac Cath Lab, Coronary Care, Intensive Care, Private Wing

Services: Master Planning, Campus Planning, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design

Courtyard, old hospital (center and right), and Phase 2 and veranda concourse (center and left)

Project Credits

Lead Consultant:

Project Engineers:

Quantity Surveyor:

Stratton Castell & Partners

Main Contractor:


Markus Lanz / Pk. Odessa and
Mark Careaga (2018 construction visit, marked *)

Crafted Reception
Novak Francella, Boston MA